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The nose is smack-dab in the middle of the face and constantly on display when interacting with people. Having a nose that is anything less than ideal in the person’s perception can frequently lead to a bit of an obsession with it. You may feel that your nose is out of proportion, or have some other defect that lessons your overall attractiveness.


There is a plethora of concerns that people can have about their nose, most of which can be resolved non-surgically or surgically. Sometimes, people feel it is just too large and out of proportion with the rest of the face. For others, it could be a bump on the bridge (i.e. dorsal hump). Some ethnicities naturally have a very low nose root (i.e. the bridge between the eyes). Asymmetries such as a deviated nose tip can be a result of an injury, previous rhinoplasty surgery or congenital. A common combination of issues is a low nose root + dorsal hump + drooping nose tip, all of which combine to create a hooked or ‘witchy’ looking nose. Ageing also plays a part in the appearance of the nose since it can look larger when facial fats and muscle around it shrink.

With our advanced skills in nose enhancement, the vast majority of these concerns can now be resolved non-surgically. Only in cases of extremely large nose is a surgical rhinoplasty our first recommendation. For all other concerns, our skilled nose specialists can dramatically improve the appearance of your nose with a natural looking augmentation. There are a great many practitioners who now offer nose enhancement, but be aware that all it takes to do so is a one-day training course and no medical qualifications in the UK. At botonics, nose enhancements have been our number one specialty since 2010, and we’ve improved the lives of thousands of happy patients with advanced treatments unavailable at other clinics.


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