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A full, thick, luscious crown of hair is desired by women and men. It is a universal sign of youth, vitality and beauty. In our teens, our hair is at its most glorious growing the fastest and having the greatest density. From our twenties, hair often begins to thin due to the inevitable decline in hormones and the natural ageing process.


Men can start to see the start of male pattern baldness in their twenties. You may notice that your hair dries much faster than when you were younger, and this is a sign that it is starting to get thinner. Some medical conditions, medications and pregnancy can cause or accelerate hair loss. Regardless of the cause it is best to start early to help preserve what you’ve got than try and recover it. Prevention is better than cure!

We don’t perform surgical hair transplant or prescribe medications for hair loss. Our treatment for hair loss is mesotherapy. This involves the injection of Biomimetic Peptides which are a cocktail of vitamins and enzymes highly beneficial for the health of hair. We’ve developed an optimal protocol for the treatment of hair loss or alopecia which involves 7 treatments over the course of 3 months. Patients attend 4 times in the first month, 2 times in the second month and 1 in the third month. After that, periodic maintenance treatments are beneficial to keep the restored and strengthened hair.


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