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Bright, healthy skin is a bellwether of youth and vitality. When people say you look well, one of the key things they are subconsciously assessing is the brightness and glow of your skin. It is the foundation for beauty.

Age, genetics and lifestyle conspire to rob you of your youthful bright skin and cause it to become dull and lackluster over time. This can be an indication of many things, so you should rule out any undiagnosed medical condition with your GP. Usually there is no medical cause for dull skin, and it occurs naturally as a result in the decline of collagen and elastin, sun exposure and lifestyle. Minimising sun exposure/using an excellent quality sun block, limiting alcohol and smoking and eating a nutritious diet will give you the best possible looking skin.

If there is no medical cause for it and you’re already doing all you can lifestyle wise, then improving dull skin is a straightforward task using a variety of interventions. An ideal starting point is medical grade, prescription topical skin care. These products are specialist and not available from GPs or over the counter. The contain strong active ingredients and you will experience a reaction phase involving redness and excessive skin shedding. The products help increase the cell turnover about 7 time normal, so you get a full weeks’ worth of skin shedding every day. The youthful, brighter and more evenly pigmented skin then begins to show restoring your glow.

Once you’ve had the necessary preparatory skin care products, we can then consider additional interventions such as medical needling and skin peels. Medical needling causes a controlled repair response stimulating collagen production. Skin peels remove the outermost dermis layers revealing fresher, brighter skin underneath. To further add brightness, we can perform mesotherapy which brings valuable nutrients to the skin.

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