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For some patients, genetics will cause a disproportionate amount of fat cells to be deposited on the backs of the arms. When this happens, the upper arms can look unnaturally large and our of proportion with the rest of the arm and body. This can be unsightly, cause problems wearing certain clothing and erode the patient’s self-esteem.


As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down due to hormonal changes. This can be accelerated after pregnancy and child-birth. Even when patients are slim overall with a healthy body fat percentage, sometimes the backs of the arms remain stubbornly large. As the skin loses collagen and elastin, any pockets of excess fat on the backs of the arms can begin to droop and sag causing ‘bingo wings’ which wobble as you move your arm. No amount of gym muscle toning can resolve this and weight loss may have its limits depending on the genetics lottery.

There is a fast, reliable and simple solution to removing excess fat from the backs of the arms using surgical fat removal. However, patient selection is critical since removing fat from an arm with poor skin tone will result in the ‘empty balloon’ look with loose skin. That is much worse than pre-surgery and our responsible surgeons will give you an honest opinion about whether you’re a good candidate. Our preferred technology for removing stubborn pockets of fat from the backs of the arms is Vaser Lipo. It minimises damage to connective tissues and blood vessels, resulting in the best possible snap back post surgery and minimal bruising. We often do the backs of the arms in conjunction with other areas of the body (e.g. abdomen, lower back, thighs). The backs of the arms can also be a rich source from which to harvest fat for fat transfer to the buttocks, hips or breasts.


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