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William Green

Managing Director, Cert CS, BAdmin, CPA, CMA, MSc

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Bill is the founder and Managing Director of botonics. He completed degrees in Finance and Computer Science, is a Chartered Professional Accountant/Certified Management Accountant and holds a Masters of Science in International Management from London Business School.

Originally from Canada, Bill has held a variety of senior positions with leading European companies including Director level roles with IATA (the International Air Transport Association) in Geneva, Avis Europe and O2 and was an Associate Partner with Accenture.

An expert in process, technology, finance and operations delivery, Bill is responsible for the business side of botonics. Bill founded botonics to bring the benefits of Plastic Surgery to as wide an audience as possible through innovative service, the best surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists in the business, results-led procedures and honest, ethical conduct. In doing so he aims to help people realise their full potential by optimising their confidence and happiness.



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    Choose Roaccutane at botonics - 5 stars, highly recommend



    9th June 2020

    I previously had a course of Roaccutane about 9 years ago when I was in my early 20's. I was free of acne for years but it had started to return to my face, arms, chest and back. Knowing that the NHS would be a slow, arduous process, I came to botonics and they were able to organise a consultation for me within a few days. I then had my blood test the next day and was on the medication in less tha...n a week. Once Coronavirus lockdown came into force my treatment continued uninterrupted and botonics was even able to organise delivery of my medication direct to my door. My treatment is roughly 90% complete and I'm very happy with the results.

    I cannot recommend more highly the staff - Dr Joshua and my coordinator, Bill. The service was personal and the process was transparent. More people should be aware that there is a private route to treat acne and they should choose botonics.
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    Tear Trough - Excellent procedure and results!



    25th February 2014

    I started to get concerned and self-conscious with my tear troughs over the last 6 months - a year so I researched online and saw Botonics. I knew tear troughs ran in my family so I was sure they wouldn't be disappearing anytime soon! After careful consideration, knowing the procedure can be a risky one if not done correctly, I called Bill to discuss a consultation. He was so friendly and put me a...t ease straight away answering any questions I had.
    I met Naruschka for my consultation. She was calming and friendly and left it totally up to me to decide whether I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. I didn't think twice as she was so professional and talked through in detail any of the questions/complications I had thought of. The procedure was quick and the swelling only lasted a few days, allowing me to carry on as normal. She uses the safest method of doing the treatment and is careful and precise. I have now been back twice and I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering it. I am so happy with the results!
    A massive thank you to both Bill and Nauruscka, I'm so glad I found Botonics!
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    Nice treatment with caring people


    Miss chan

    16th February 2014

    I did the nose enhancement and it was nice experience. Naruschka and bill are so helpful. Read more

    God bless the day I found Botonics!


    Claire Leighton

    13th February 2014

    I wouldn't normally do a review but I felt that this one just had to be done! I spent several years feling extremely self conscious about an enlarged masseter on one side of my face but never having the confidence to do something about it because I imagined that I might need invasive surgery.
    I heard about botox injections to reduce the muscle and researched this for over a year. Finally, ...I decided to use the services of Botonics and I am so glad that I did!
    Narushka is extremely skilled at what she does yet she is down to earth and is easy to relate to, I was comfortable and the treatment was almost painless. Three months down the line I can not believe my own face and the freedom that has come with feeling normal is indescribable.
    I want to use this opportunity to thank Narushka and Bill (who is so so pleasant!) for taking me through this treatment. I will heartily recommend this team to anyone.
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    Not disappointed



    24th January 2014

    I came to have the non surgical nose job in august 2013 after careful consideration .I was pleased with the result ,Narushka is a very lovely person and put me at ease. She explained the procedure in full to me and never applied any pressure. I experienced a black eye and soreness on the bridge of my nose a couple of days later for about a week . Narushka and Bill were very helpful and contacted m...e to check if the side effects were going . i wasn't put off by the side effects as i have had my second procedure done in January .Again i was ecstatic with the result and no side effects at all this time . I have got the nose i should have been born with straight with no hump . i cannot thank Narushka enough for how she has made me happy . if you are considering this procedure i would say to have it done and you will not be disappointed Read more

    Great Experience from start to finish


    Luci Clarke

    22nd January 2014

    Having had Lip Enhancement by fillers in the past I was looking for something special, in particular someone with great artistry and talent in shaping the lip as well adding volume. Having done lots of research I came across Naruschka from some pictures I had seen online that stood out to me, after then reading up on other reviews and Naruschkas experience I was certain I wanted to have my treatme...nt with her. I emailied Botonics and Bill called me back at a time that was convienient, Bill was really knowledgable and sent through a great email giving me options for possible treatment times and locations which really helped, working full time its great having options to work with. Overall my treatment was great, Naruschka talked me through other clients pictures to obrain exactly what I wanted, 2 weeks on I am overjoyed with the end result - will defo be back for my next treatment in a few months. Read more

    Friendly, helpful and honest! I will definitely go back if I have any future procedures.



    4th January 2014

    My ears have been prominent since childhood so I had a bilateral otoplasty at the end of September. Firstly I filled in my details online and was called the same day by my coordinator Bill who was very friendly and answered all of my questions, this stood out from the other three places that I called about the procedure. Bill was lovely and went out of his way to help me arrange my appointments as... I live in Leicester and was very restricted on time. Having the same coordinator the whole way through made it more personal, he even gave directions to an appointment when I was lost and called to make sure I got there ok. This level of care surpassed any that I have experienced when I had a rhinoplasty elsewhere 3 years ago.

    The consultation was with my doctor, Dr Joffily who was very friendly and honest about the procedure. He made me feel at ease and I trusted him. The pricing was also straightforward, without any extra money being added on for the consultation or anything else. And I was happy that I was given the option to have the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic as it felt less drastic and I could be picked up straight afterwards instead of spending most of the day in hospital. The procedure was not as painful as I expected, it was no worse than going to the dentist! Dr Joffily and his assistant talked to me to keep me calm and distract me and it was over quickly.

    I am very happy with the results as it looks natural and because the incisions were made at the back of my ears there is no visible scaring. It has made more of a difference to my confidence then I anticipated, it is nice being able to do different hairstyles and tie my hair up when I am exercising without feeling self-conscious about my ears.
    I would recommend Botonics due to the friendly and low pressured approach which I have found rare in the cosmetic surgery industry.
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    Sea Sea

    20th December 2013

    Naruschka is a magician! I was very nervous about this treatment and the complications although from the moment I sat down with Naruschka I felt comfortable with leaving my face in her hands! She uses the safest procedure and knows exactly what she is doing and talking about, as well as being very open and honest. I have used Botonics twice now and even recommended my best friend. Its a quick proc...edure and swelling goes down after 2 days, leaving an amazing and natural finish. It's the best thing that's happened to me and I wont be using any other surgeon! Thank you Bill and Narushka! Read more

    Non surgical nose job & botox


    Natasha Higgs

    12th December 2013

    Before coming to botonics for my treatment, I had a hook nose. It appeared really huge and crooked and I absolutely hated it. Had no confidence at all. After having dermal filler and botox my nose seems so much straighter and actually seems smaller. I have more confidence than I have ever had. Naruschka done my treatment and she knew exactly what I needed. The end result was amazing and I cannot t...hank her enough.
    I had just started a new job so it was hard for me to arrange a day off. Bill at botonics was absolutely brilliant, couldn't do enough to help. Excellent customer service!!
    The whole process was fantastic and I will 100% be returning for more treatment.
    Thank you!
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    Work of a perfectionist!



    23rd November 2013

    I'm a huge sceptic as well as a perfectionist so to be honest I came in thinking 'I'm not going to be entirely satisfied.' I went in for a Restylane treatment for my tear trough areas. The actual treatment took a while and I was quite glad it did as it made me feel as though Naruschka was putting in a lot of effort. I won't lie, it was quite painful at first but only for a split second. What I lov...ed most was that Naruschka went over and examined my eyes several times; applying more filler until she was truly satisfied. What a perfectionist! When I looked in the mirror and I was just so thrilled. I had remembered that Naruschka had taken off my concealer before the treatment and I was just so happy that my eyes looked great -post treatment without even a spec of concealer on. Thank you Naruschka and also thank you to Bill for being patient with me and for being ever so friendly! Excellent service. Read more

    Wonderful Experience



    16th November 2013

    Always wanted a higher nose bridge and Naruschka helped me achieved it! Everything was brilliant starting with the booking which Bill helped me with it a lot. At the consultation Naruschka explained everything in detail to me and the whole procedure was easy and quick. Swelling lasted for 3 days only, now I'm so happy with the result as it looks so natural! Wonderful overall! Read more

    Naruschka is the best cosmetic dermatologist in London!! I would t trust my face to anyone else.


    Lisa Lo

    15th November 2013

    I have used Botonics now for approx 2 years and I would not go anywhere else. They are extremely professional and service minded, everything from the friendly co-ordinatior Bill on the phone to the highly skilful specialist Naruschka Henriques.

    The procedures I have had done include derma fillers to enhance the cheekbones, Botox and also fillers in lips and smile lines. Naruschka is... very attentive to your needs
    and I am always extremely happy with the results. I would not trust my face to anyone else.

    I have seen plenty of other cosmetic dermatologists in the past, but Naruschka is simply the best. In other clinics I have often ended up with bruises and swelling in my face for days afterwards, but Naruschka is so gentle and skilled with the needle that I don't bruise at all after her treatment. She knows exactly where to inject filler to enhance your beauty and to give you natural, subtle results.

    Botonics has my highest recommendations and would recommend them to anyone.
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    Great treatment, fully recommended



    30th October 2013

    I fully recommend Botonics as a top quality treatment centre. The co-ordinator, Bill, constantly goes out of his way to be helpful, negotiating payments and arranging appointments at times that are the most convenient. The specialist who treated me, Naruschka Henriques, made me feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

    The procedure for hyperhidrosis was markedly less painful than... treatments experienced elsewhere, with really great results and helpful instructions for follow-up care. Naruschka was able to answer all my questions and perform the treatment with minimal discomfort. Read more

    Great service and results



    2nd September 2013

    I have for some time been bothered by bruxism, which had caused my cheeks to grow unnaturally big and my face disproportionate. Searching the web for treatment I came about Botonics who offered a botox treatment for a fair price. I live in Norway, but it still seemed much cheaper to take a plane to London than to do it back home. Corresponding with Bill from Botonics was personal and responsive. I... was told the first treatment is split in two sessions three months apart, and six-month-intervals from then on until the habit of bruxism eventually is beaten.

    Though I was assured the treatment was going to be quick and uncomplicated I was still a bit nervous, as this was my first experience with botox. But the botox-procedure itself was almost a non-happening, as it literally lasted about 9 minutes without any pain whatsoever. The lovely and friendly Naruschka Henriques, who is the specialist, made me feel completely safe and relaxed and talked me through the entire thing. The place itself (10 Harvey street) was another thing that impressed me: Naruschkas office is a luxurious old-school Victorian room that almost makes you feel instantly beautiful, and is certainly far away from any uncanny hospital setting (which really helps).

    For about two weeks after the treatment my face was swelled up (as I was told it was going to be) as a reaction from the needles. But when the swelling faded my face started to get slimmer from day to day, which was really fun to observe and very confidence boosting. And it wasn’t all in my head either as I was starting to get compliments by others (probably thinking I had lost weight – cause that’s basically what it looks like: same face only slimmer).
    When it comes to side effects I can’t really say I’ve noticed any other than slight weariness after eating a big meal, but definitely no pains.

    Four months and another treatment later (just as pleasant as the first time) I’m very happy for undergoing this treatment and would have done it years ago if the idea had struck me. I feel lucky to have found Botonics as I can’t imagine the service being any better or the staff any more helpful. I can easily recommend this bruxism treatment for any of you out there looking to do something about your problem.
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    Fantastic service, amazing results!


    Katie Wildeman

    5th March 2013

    From start to finish, my experience with Botonics has been great. Bill, my coordinator was very friendly and personable and talked me through the procedure and what I could expect at my free consultation thoroughly. I was extremely impressed with the free consultation process, my specialist, Naruschka made me feel at ease straight away, she was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Everything ...was explained to my partner and myself in great detail and all questions were answered fully. I didn't feel in any way obliged to go ahead with the procedure (nose enhancement), but chose to have it done straight away as I was so confident in the procedure, care and staff. The procedure itself was much less painful than anticipated and I left feeling extremely happy with my whole experience. I have woken up this morning with a new and much improved nose, especially from the side on. I have already been contacted by Bill to make sure that I was happy with my experience and to ensure that I have full after care details. I cannot recommend Naruschka enough, everything was carried out with the minimum of fuss, and although extremely professional I felt more like I was visiting an old friend than undergoing a clinical procedure. In summary, lovely staff, professional and knowledgeable specialists, fantastic results and one very happy client! Read more

    Practically perfect in every way!



    21st November 2002

    I recently had a tear trough treatment at Botonics and could not have been happier with the entire process. From the first consultation to the post-treatment aftercare, Botonics have provided a stellar service throughout. Bill, the coordinator was always swift to respond to any questions I had however big or small and made me feel I was in safe hands. Talking to him was like talking to a friend an...d that's something I really valued.

    Deep under eye circles have been a problem for me as far back as I can remember. I joke that I was born tired, but that's how long I've had a problem with my eyes and so when my mum found out that something could be done about them I jumped at the chance. We both researched many clinics and went for several consultations and different places but in the end chose Botonics not only because of their reasonable price but more importantly because of how pleasant Bill and Naruschka were when we met them.

    Although it is a very delicate procedure, Naruschka helped me feel relaxed and totally at ease - she could have been giving me a manicure, that was how easy the whole procedure felt! Naruschka was very patient and friendly, talking me through each step and checking I was alright, there wasn't even a second where I felt I was "just another client". What's more, upon completing the treatment I was pleasantly surprised when a couple of days later Naruschka and Bill called and asked me to come back because they weren't completely satisfied with how the treatment had gone. My left tear trough needed a little more work than my right and I was really impressed that they would call me back in to make sure everything was perfect.

    It is wonderful to wake up and actually look rested, and even look great after a late night! My only regret is that I did not know about the tear trough treatment years ago. I'm over the moon with the results, could not be happier!!

    I would absolutely recommend Botonics to anyone and I myself will definitely be back for further treatments
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    Naruschka is an excellent practitioner.



    20th October 2012

    Naruschka has a very good understanding of how the face works and where needs attention. She is very helpful in explaining the way the face changes and what works best for an overall result. I would recommend her to anyone after having tried a few others who ranged from good to rather awful! I also find Bill a very easy person to book everything through and diligent in following up and making sure... everything goes smoothly. Read more
    Average 5.0 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
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