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Vertical lines that form between the eyebrows are referred to as frown lines, 11’s lines or glabellar lines. They can be of particular concern because they project a sense of stress or anger even if that isn’t what the person is feeling. Not only are they ageing, but they can convey negative emotions which belie the person’s true nature.


When we’re young, the skin between the eyebrows is subtle and bursting with collagen, so it is very forgiving of squinting and frowning. As we get older, the skin loses collagen and elastin and become less resilient. Repeated frowning, which happens more and more due to increased screen time on computers and mobile phones, builds up strong glabellar muscles between the eyebrows. The combination of weaker skin and stronger muscles turns what were dynamic lines (i.e. only visible when activating the muscles) into static lines (i.e. those that are visible even when all muscles are at rest) due to permanent creases that form in the skin. The pace of skin ageing is related to the person’s genetics and lifestyle choices. Maintaining a nutritious diet, avoiding nicotine, alcohol and sun exposure will give your skin the best possible chance.

There are a number of interconnected muscles at play that cause the formation of frown lines between the eyebrows. These include the muscles between the eyebrows (glabellar muscles) as well as some in the forehead (procerus muscles). An appropriate starting point for frown line resolution is therefore relaxation of the forehead muscles and these between the eyebrows. Once this has been done, in extreme cases, some additional dermal filler and/or medical needling may be appropriate. Once a skilled and sympathetic correction has been made, you will be able to convey your true, positive emotions without having your face contradict how you feel.


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