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Full, sensual, balanced lips have always been a sign of youthful beauty and sensuality. Pouty, bee-stung lips are a typical sign of the bloom of youth because they are one of the first things that succumb to ageing. Our lips get thinner and develop asymmetries which is a subconscious signal of ageing. Often, people naturally have a much larger lower lip than upper lip, which can be misconstrued as a result of age.


Loss of collagen and elastin in the skin is an inevitable result of the ageing process. How fast it happens is a function of genetics and lifestyle choices such as diet, sun exposure, alcohol and nicotine consumption. These factors slow the production of and break down collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of ideal lips. The first sign is often a thinning of both lips due to volume loss. This can be followed by a down turning of the mouth corners due to loss of supporting collagen surrounding the mouth resulting in the appearance of a ‘sad mouth’. Asymmetries can develop between one side of a lip and the other, and/or between the upper and lower lips. Thin vertical lines can develop that radiate out from the edge of the lip know as ‘smoker’s lines’. These can develop even in non-smokers and are a nightmare when applying lipstick.

All of these lip concerns can be addressed with the skilled and strategic placement of dermal fillers to the correct area and in the correct volumes in and around the lips. When done correctly and with skill, a lip enhancement restores your youthful lips or gives you what never nature never did – full, sensual and natural looking lips sympathetic to your other facial features.


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