Facial Feminisation

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Transgender/Transsexual MtF Facial Feminisation

Our facial feminisation non-surgical treatments complement the surgical procedures, and treat what surgery often cannot address for our  MtF transsexual clients. Non-surgical treatments are an important step in the journey since so many feminine features are about the soft tissues. For example, cheeks, lips, jaw width, wrinkles and skin texture are all best feminised using non-surgical treatments.

Clients typically require a combination therapy, and once they achieve a certain level can then go into mode of maintenance. Treatments that may be appropriate include:

botonics for Transgender/Transsexual MtF Facial Feminisation Treatments

Since treatment is very individual and such an emotional journey, transsexuals need someone who understands the range of treatment options and guide them as to what is best to help them achieve their goals.




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