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About Dr Katerina Charakida

About Dr Katerina Charakida

Dr Katerina Charakida is a one of the most experienced Vaser and fat transfer surgeons in the UK today. She’s a veteran of thousands of procedures since 2010 doing everything from basic fat removal through to the most advanced Vaser Hi-Def and 4D sculpting. She is particularly adept at the challenging cases for fat transfer doing both buttock and breast augmentation.

After receiving her qualification in 1998, Dr Charakida continued with extensive training around the globe, studying under world-renowned surgeons and at internationally recognised centres. During this time, she picked up special interests in: Vaser liposuction, including Vaser Hi-Definition (Hi-Def) and Vaser 4D sculpting techniques; and fat harvesting and fat transfer for breast and buttock enhancements, for both cosmetic and reconstructive cases. This has led to Dr Charakida having a well-known reputation amongst her peers, especially in the London area.

All of her procedures include minimal scarring techniques, which Dr Charakida learned while studying under the best in the dermatology field. In addition to this, her priority is always in the best interest of her patients. Dr Charakida provides quality care to her patients with the focus to leave the best aesthetic results – whether the procedure is cosmetic or reconstructive. She has over a decade of experience with all procedures, including the Vaser Liposuction and Body Sculpting, making her one of the most competent in her field to offer these services.

Dr Charakida commenced her medical training at the Medical School of Athens, Greece graduating with Distinction (First Class Hons.) in 1998.

Following her medical training in Athens she commenced specialist training in Dermatology and Venereology at Hammersmith Hospital under Professor Chu, a world-renowned expert in the field of dermatology with leading expertise relating to the treatment of acne, acne scarring and rosacea. She qualified in 2005 and then carried out research in N-lite laser and pathogenesis of acne at Imperial College. In 2006, she completed her specialist training in Dermatosurgery at the University of Lyon, France.

Further training in Liposuction and Vaser liposuction was undertaken at the Smartlipo Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona followed by invaluable training at the acclaimed international institute in Bulgaria headed by Professor Serdov. In 2010 Dr Charakida extended her experience further under the guidance and training of internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Bogota, Colombia. This allowed her to procure extensive training relating to Vaser Hi-Definition (Hi-Def) and Vaser 4D Sculpt techniques.

She has successfully performed a vast number of procedures in Vaser Liposuction and Body Contouring spanning over a decade and has gained a reputation in this field. In addition, she has extensive experience within the field of fat harvesting/transfer surgery for breast and buttock enhancements covering both cosmetic and reconstructive cases.

Since 2006, she has been consulting from a private practice in Athens, Greece and also in London. She is a member of the BAD, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, EDAE and RSM.

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