Vaser – Cheaper, Less Painful Lipo Treatment

When people think of liposuction, they almost invariably think of pain, scarring, and forking out large sums of money in exchange for this service. Everybody has heard a horror story about lipo, and for many, these factors have all been off-putting, causing women (and men) to put up with the problem areas on their body: […]

Effective, Less-Pain Liposuction Alternative

Most of us would not hesitate to confess our wishes that we were thinner around the face, or the waist, or in general. Some areas seem to carry fatty deposits that are impossibly stubborn, immovable even in spite of a good diet and exercise regime. These persistent areas can be discouraging and bad for your […]

Boost Your Femininity With Breast Enlargement

Whilst it is universally accepted that breasts come in all shapes and sizes, if you are unhappy with the size or shape you possess, this reassurance holds no comfort. Breasts are your femininity and your identity and if they are not how you wish they were, or how they used to be, you may find […]

Consider Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

If someone tells you that there isn’t anything about their body that they would change, they are probably not being totally honest with you. Most of us have a physical hang up, something we’d alter if we could which affects our self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery specialists botonics offers a variety of treatments offering clients an alternative […]

Liposuction Vs Vaser

Fat removal is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures around. Sometimes those stubborn areas of fat simply won’t shift, and no amount of diet and exercise will change that. This is where certain procedures come in, and while liposuction is the most well-known, there’s another one that’s hot on its heels. So just […]

Choosing A Plastic Surgery Consultant

Anyone who is considering plastic surgery is always going to want the best outcome possible. But, some people don’t always grasp the fact that the outcome has just as much to do with the consultant and clinic as it does on the procedure itself, so how can one choose the right consultant? Research is one […]

How To Get The Most From Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity these days. It’s no longer a taboo that has to be kept behind closed doors, because now a little nip and tuck here and there is totally acceptable. But, with the influx of procedures and clinics on offer it’s more important than ever for prospective patients to be confident […]

The Benefits Of Vhe Vaser Procedure

These days, everyone wants to look their best. It could be perpetuated by the media, by friends and colleagues, or it could simply come from a desire to be the best that you can be. Whatever the reason, one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures is fat removal – and the new kid on […]

Anthea Turner Admits Having Breast Enlargement and Botox

The television presenter, Anthea Turner has recently admitted to having a breast enlargement and having Botox treatments. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 50-year-old star revealed she had a breast enlargement six years ago to help improve the appearance of her body and increase her confidence. She said: “I had a boob job back in […]

Hollyoaks Star Shows Off Her Post Vaser Body

Hollyoaks babe Jennifer Metcalfe kicked off her birthday celebrations in London recently by heading out with cast mates for a night on the town. The star, who is better known for playing Mercedes McQueen on the long-running soap, looked toned and confident in her skimpy outfit which showed off her post Vaser body. Wearing a […]