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Effective, Less-Pain Liposuction Alternative


Considering Liposuction Alternatives

Most of us would not hesitate to confess our wishes that we were thinner around the face, or the waist, or in general. Some areas seem to carry fatty deposits that are impossibly stubborn, immovable even in spite of a good diet and exercise regime. These persistent areas can be discouraging and bad for your self-confidence, causing you to alter how you dress – whether for work or on holiday. If you find yourself accommodating stubborn fat in this way, you may have already considered liposuction. It can be costly and with an inexperienced or unprofessional clinic, unsightly scarring and a lengthy, painful healing process can follow. If these worries put you off, Vaser could be the ideal alternative, a solution you have not yet considered.

Benefits of Vaser Over Traditional Liposuction

It is cheaper and faster than lipo, employing ultrasound technology to provide the same service in a more efficient and convenient way. The procedure is repeatable and can be finished in one to three hours, performed under local anaesthetisation. The healing process is much more attractive than with liposuction: no overnight stay is required, bruising and swelling are not as prominent, you can be back on your feet as quickly as three days after Vaser – an astonishing recovery time in comparison to the three to four weeks’ healing time for standard lipo – and the scarring is minimal, if there is any at all.

This clever treatment is available from botonics, and can be ideal for treating problem areas which commonly reduce confidence such as double chins, bingo wings, love handles, as well as areas altered by age or childbearing like the abdomen and the thighs. This gentler, more modern alternative to lipo allows the skin to tighten in a natural way, restoring the confidence of patient once their stubborn problem zones have been taken care of.

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