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Acne scars can be an unwanted reminder of a previous battle with acne. They can be quick unsightly and cause a lot of damage to the patient’s self-esteem. They can range from mild pigmentation issues to severe, deep icepick scars.


Before we are able to address acne scars, any active acne must first be fully brought under control. We have treatments for that separately. There are a range of treatments available to help improve acne scars depending on severity. For mild, persistent pigmentation the best option is medical grade, prescription topical skin care. These are not products that are available over the counter or from your GP. They are very strong and you will definitely experience a reaction phase involving redness and peeling skin. This reaction will last a few weeks and must be pushed through to get the long-term benefits from the products. Over time, the increased cell turnover induced by the products will begin to normalise your pigmentation. Once your skin has been made more resilient from the preparatory products, we can do other interventions such as medical needling and/or a skin peel. Medical needling induces a controlled repair response that stimulates collagen production. Skin peels remove the top layers of the skin helping to bring fresh skin to the surface. For deeper scars, subcision (i.e. minor surgical procedure to break the fibrous connective tissues that tether the scar to the deeper layers of the skin) is performed first and then the depressed scar can be elevated using dermal fillers.

All these treatments take time and require an advanced understanding of skin and the science of the possible. Get in touch and we’ll organise a free assessment to put a bespoke treatment plan in place for you.


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