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Anthea Turner Admits Having Breast Enlargement and Botox


The television presenter, Anthea Turner has recently admitted to having a breast enlargement and having Botox treatments.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 50-year-old star revealed she had a breast enlargement six years ago to help improve the appearance of her body and increase her confidence.

She said: “I had a boob job back in 2004 so I’m not adverse to surgery and helping nature along a bit.”

Although the star tries to look after herself by not eating chocolate or pasta and jogging three times a week, this has not stopped her from wanting to make the most of her figure and choosing cosmetic surgery procedures.

In addition, despite quashing claims back in 2008 that she would never have Botox treatments she recently admitted that she now have the injections on a regular basis to help banish heavy lines on her forehead.

She said: “I have a bit of Botox now and then because I’ve developed two frown lines between my eyebrows.”

London-based cosmetic surgery clinic botonics are able to provide Botox and breast enlargement procedures to both diminish the effects ageing has on the body, and increase confidence in the men and women who are finding that the ageing process in particular is having a significant effect on how comfortable they feel in their own skin.

Anthea Turner said: “I have to watch what I eat more these days but you can hold back the years if you look after yourself.”

Earlier this year, Anthea had to deal with the heartbreaking news that her husband of ten years, Grant Bovey, had been declared bankrupt.

But that has not stopped her from appearing in the public however, and she even made an appearance in the Big Brother house in recent weeks. The housemates were shocked to wake up to find the previous Celebrity Big Brother contestant serving them breakfast.

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