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Women Who Have Cosmetic Surgery Think Others are Vain


A study carried out by the University of Aberdeen has found that women who have had cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast enlargement or liposuction think that other women who have similar treatments are vain.

Those questioned believed they had had the procedures for genuine reasons and had not simply acted out of vanity like their counterparts.

A total of 80 women, aged between 20 and 70 years of age, were interviewed about cosmetic surgery procedures by sociologist Dr Debra Gimlin. Of those involved in the study, half were British and the other half were American.

Of the 80 interviewed, more than half of them admitted they had wanted to get the surgery for a natural look to enhance the appearance of their bodies. Cosmetic surgery clinics such as botonics for instance, offer a range of different types of cosmetic surgery procedures for all areas of the body.

One of the most interesting results from the report was that most of those surveyed had a notion of a surgical other they tried to distance themselves from. These others are other people who have procedures done.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Gimlin said that the British women who carried out the survey defined the other being as being American and now believed that this was the type of woman who should be the recipient of society’s negative views of cosmetic procedures and not themselves. In the same way, American women defined the other as those living a Hollywood lifestyle in LA.

One of the British ladies taking part in the survey had liposuction. The 47-year-old sales clerk admitted: “Over here, we’re not like those American women who have loads of surgery without a second thought.”

Another interesting point raised in the results was the fact that more respondents always considered the other to have worked with an inferior surgeon to their own.

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