My experience with Botonics…

by admin

I found Botonics at a really important time where I was truly at a breaking point with my skin after having tried other treatment options that didn’t work. From the initial consultation all the way through to my final appointment I’ve always had someone at the end of an email or phone call to give me any information/advice I needed.
Their entire process is very systematic and well structured. A positive point that sets them apart from any other service is that you can do everything (blood tests, appointments) from the ease of your own home. This is great because it makes this treatment accessible even to people who don’t live in London.
As for the medication itself, they give plenty of advice on how to manage the side effects as well as recommending products that can help (for example Aquaphor which works wonders for any chapped lips/dryness). Taking a medication such as Isotretinoin can be daunting but Botonics helps to alleviate a lot of that stress.
If you’ve dealt with acne for a long time then you’ll know how long the NHS waiting list is for dermatology. In the same amount of time it took me to wait for a single NHS appointment, I’ve finished my entire course with Botonics. I think that speaks for itself in terms of the speed of their service. Additionally, their communication is second to none with fast replies to any queries or concerns you may have.
If you’re reading this and are hesitant, all I can say is just try it because it could change your life in such a positive way. Having had this treatment with Botonics has given me a more hopeful outlook for the future and I would recommend their service to people in a similar situation to the one I was in. Thank you Botonics 🙂

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