My Roaccutane journey

by admin

For months I have been researching different clinics to finally start my roaccutane treatment. After having many years of disappointment from dermatologists and being on the NHS waiting list which was never ending I finally opted to look into it myself as it was something that affected me in my day to day life. I found botanics on my search and was amazed by the good reviews. I put my enquiry in and was contacted on the same day, which I did not expect at all. I was then able to have a free consultation with Dr. Joshua who has been so amazing throughout this process. I explained how I felt and what it meant for me to start this treatment. He was very understanding and assured me that we can do something about my acne.

My whole life I hated looking in the mirror due to my acne, I have tried everything you can think of! To topical treatments and antibiotics which did nothing for my skin. I knew going with botanics was the right step to take and although I was hesitant, I know this has been the best decision I have made!

I spoke to Bill on the phone and he answered any questions I had regarding the process. Once the free consultation was set up, I had my blood test and pregnancy test. Within days I was sent the roaccutane tablets and started my course straight away. I was so happy with how quick everything was set up.

The team are botanics are very organised and friendly. Emails are sent when I need to go for my bloods etc. They also reply very quick which is always a plus!

I am currently on my 3rd month of my roaccutane process and my skin has never felt better. Everyone around me has noticed how much happier I am and how confident I am in my own skin now. I’m so glad to have chosen botanics and would recommend them to anyone who asked!

A big thanks to Dr. Joshua, Bill, Cassie and Michelle.
Such a wonderful team!

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