Roaccutane fixed acne

by admin

I suffered from acne for so long was on waiting list on NHS for months and months and tried all the over the counter products and antibiotics but nothing worked.
the consultation went very well it was all quick and easy and no messing, it was all done over a WhatsApp call. The doc answered all my questions and this was all free of charge and obligations to do anything.
From when I phoned up to ask about booking a consultation with the doctor to getting the roaccutane prescription and actually starting the course, it was all very quick and within two weeks I had started my roaccutane course and after that had follow up calls and blood tests arranged to monitor my progression.
The side affects I experienced most were dry lips and corner of my lips cracking, dry flaky skin on my face mainly the nose area and I had a purge around the second week point which lasted for about a week and then I started to see a real improvement. To cope with the dry lips I used coca butter lip balms and aquaphor lip balm too which helped alot. Then for my moisturiser I used cera ve face cream to get rid of the dryness and also there hydrating face wash too.
I wish I had started this course sooner instead of going through all the over the counter products that never made any difference, this course is alot better and more effective than anything out there and would have saved alot of time and money. Its been a real confidence boost getting clear skin and I would recommend botonics roaccutane course to anyone with bad acne who is thinking of doing it.

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