Roaccutane treatment

by admin

I approached Botonics with enquiry about my acne, and undertaking Roaccutane treatment. I had tried for a while to receive further treatment with the NHS after a few unsuccessful topical treatments, but without success. The process had been held back by covid, and I believe they have stopped offering Roaccutane treatment during covid.
As soon as I got in touch with Botonics through their online request form, I was instantly contacted and booked onto a free telephone consultation with a specialist. Beforehand, it involved sending up to date photos of my acne, along with a past medical history and details of previous treatments.
The consultation was very helpful and covered the different options, to which we decided Roaccutane was the best option.
Unlike other medical services, the turnaround was very quick and only a day later I was making the next step to begin my treatment. The costs were clearly laid out, without hidden costs.
I proceeded to be put in contact with the lab for an appointment to receive a blood test. They were able to book me in straight away, despite it being over the Christmas period, to receive the test.
Once the results were finalised, I proceeded with treatment. The medication was quickly and easily sorted and the cost for this was clearly laid out at the beginning of the treatment.
I am only at the very beginning of my Roaccutane treatment and I’m very positive for how things will unfold over the next few months.
Both the specialist I have seen, and Bill, who managed my appointments and administration, have both been very helpful and efficient.
My skin has calmed down and the red spots have become much smaller. I look forward to seeing how the next few months unfold, and if my improvements continue whilst taking Roaccutane.

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