Tear troughs, cheeks, hydration lips

by admin

I booked myself in via Bill to see Nurushka to address my tired looking eyes, sunken cheeks and dull lips! Prior to going to Botonics, I saw 2 people local to me about tear troughs, the first practitioner said that due to having asian skin I would not be suitable and recommended PDO threads instead. I had alarm bells ringing. The other was a surgeon and said that he would not attempt tear troughs on me as iit has its risks. I was left rather confused? !!!!
I then came across Nurushka, what can I say, she is the most competent person I have come across with a needle in her hand. She wasn’t pushy, she gave me a lot of her time, I didn’t feel rushed. It was money well spent and I am delighted with the results. Please look no further if you are new to fillers, Nurushka will leave you very happy and content.
Thank you Nurushka

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