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Does Roaccutane Permanently Cure Acne?

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If you are prone to acne, then many dermatologists will advise you to take a course of Roacctuane to clear your skin. This medication has helped many get rid of unwanted acne conditions. But does Roacctuane permanently cure acne?

Does Roaccutane Permanently Cure Acne?

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about how effective Roaccutane can be in the long run and how long it will take for you to start seeing the results you want. 

How Does Roaccutane Work?

Roacctuane is a treatment designed to target the underlying cause of acne breakouts. This, primarily, is the cause of excess oil in the skin. In addition, acne can be a result of dead skin, dirt, and oil getting trapped in your skin’s pores, causing them to become inflamed which then shows up as spots on your face and sometimes your back. 

Roaccutane reduces the amount of oil your skin produces in the first place by making the oil production cells smaller. Although this can sometimes cause dryness, this is what ultimately stops breakouts. This medication, combined with proper care can help you significantly reduce acne. 

Does Roaccutane Cure Acne Immediately?

You won’t notice an improvement in your acne for a while after you start taking it, especially if you do have a severe case of acne. However, you can expect to see results about a month or two after you start the course of treatment. Professionals will usually recommend taking Roaccutane for around six months, taking doses twice daily. 

Many people express concerns that their skin may worsen when they first start taking Roaccutane. This is not necessarily true, however, you may find your skin becomes more sensitive. That’s why a dermatologist will also recommend moisturising serums and suncream, as it will make you more susceptible to sunburn from UV. However there is no need for concern surrounding your acne deteriorating before it gets better. 

Does Roaccutane Cure Acne Permanently?

Roaccutane treatment is designed to keep your skin clear even after you finish the course. In some cases, acne stays away and never returns, meaning Roaccutane can cure acne permanently for some patients. At the very least, you can expect a far less severe case of acne once you finish your medication. 

If you still find you’re battling acne, you need to consult with your dermatologist, as another approach to treating your acne may be necessary. Other approaches include topical solutions, skin care treatments, and sometimes antibiotics. 


Roaccutane is a great option if you are battling to clear your acne. The treatment offers the most powerful solution currently available for treating your acne, in a relatively short space of time. Those taking the medication need to ensure that they take care of their skin in other ways too, regularly applying sunblock and a gentle moisturiser to ensure comfort and reduce any soreness they may experience. 

If you are looking for Roacctuane treatments or other approaches to helping you cure your acne, the team at Botonics are happy to help. We have qualified doctors and a dermatologist led team who have years of experience in helping many overcome their acne problems. Roaccutane may just be the perfect solution to helping clear acne and finding your more confident self. 

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