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The Process of Obtaining Roaccutane For Acne


For many people, acne can be an embarrassing condition that knocks self-confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, many look to pharmaceutical assistance to reduce the symptoms of acne. One of the most common acne treatments is Roaccutane- one brand name for the pharmaceutical called isotretinoin.

This is the treatment that reduces the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, preventing the skin’s hair follicles from becoming clogged and infected. If you’re considering getting a treatment like Roaccutane for acne-related issues, this article will take you through what you need to know about how to get it. 

The Causes of Acne

Before you’re prescribed Roaccutane, you’ll be assessed on what the causes of your skin condition are. In most cases, acne is caused by an excess of oil on the skin. The hair and the skin naturally lubricate themselves to prevent our skin and scalp from becoming too dry. This lubricant is known as sebum and is produced by the sebaceous glands, located just below the surface of the skin. 


Sometimes, these glands simply produce too much sebum, which causes the skin to feel oily. This excess oil then gathers with dead skin particles and sits in the hair follicles also known as pores, of the skin. When these tiny holes become clogged with oil and other particles, they become inflamed and infected, causing pimples and painful spots. Acne is when many of these spots appear on the face, neck, scalp, and back, and is a common condition. It causes redness on the face and can cause scarring if left untreated. 


To reduce the oil on the skin, many turn to Roaccutane for treatment. 

Consulting With A Skin Specialist

Although a popular drug, Roaccutane cannot be obtained over the counter and needs to be prescribed by a skin specialist or dermatologist. This is largely because Roaccutane is not suitable for everyone, given the possible side effects and impact it can have on those who are pregnant, have preexisting mental health issues, or suffer from diabetes. 


A specialist will professionally assess whether or not Roaccutane is suitable for you before prescribing it. You will not be prescribed Roaccutane if any of the below applies to you: 


  • You suffer from depression or another mental illness 
  • You have been diagnosed with liver or kidney disease or show symptoms thereof
  • Your cholesterol is too high
  • Your body has a high concentration of vitamin A 
  • You’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or suffer from ulcerative colitis 
  • If you are allergic to isotretinoin or the other ingredients used to deliver the drug in the capsules.


A skin professional will run thorough tests before prescribing you Roaccutane to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the dermatological treatment. Once you have received your prescription, you will usually have to take Roaccutane for a period of four to six months. The duration of your course depends on the severity of your acne and other health factors too. Most candidates start seeing an improvement in their skin within 7 days of starting their Roaccutane treatment.


Should you be an unsuitable candidate, there are alternative skin treatments which can be topically applied directly to the problem areas or orally ingested. Some specialists may also recommend natural solutions such as a change in diet or organic skin cleansing solutions. If you’re concerned about the possible side effects of Roaccutane, it’s important to discuss these in-depth with your specialist. 

The Possible Side Effects of Taking Roaccutane

Because Roaccutane alters the amount of Sebum the skin produces, most candidates will notice dry skin and dry lips, which can cause further irritation from the sun. It’s advised that you use a form of gentle lip balm on your lips while you are taking Roaccutane to reduce soreness and dryness. You have to be careful when moisturising your skin, as Roaccutane also increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Again, you should speak to a specialist about suitable moisturisers to use, as you need to give your pores the chance to clear. 


In more extreme cases, Roaccutane can also have the following, more severe, side effects. If any of the following occur, it’s essential that you contact your dermatologist immediately and seek medical assistance. Although these cases are rare, Roaccutanehas the potential to cause:


  • Changes in mood and a decline in mental health  
  • Pain in the stomach 
  • Nausea and/or vomiting 
  • Diarrhea containing blood
  • Rashes on the skin and sometimes blistering 
  • A decrease in muscle strength and feelings of physical weakness
  • Yellow skin or eyes in the case of liver problems
  • Issues when trying to urinate 
  • Migraines 
  • Decline in vision or eyesight


It’s for these reasons that specialists take a Roaccutane prescription very seriously. It’s essential that you are tested for your candidacy before you start your Roaccutane course. Once you have been cleared by a specialist or doctor as suitable for the treatment, you should still keep an eye out for any concerning side effects. 

Ensuring Roaccutane Is Right For You

If you’re suffering from acne and require pharmaceutical assistance or treatment, get in touch with a skin specialist to find out if Roaccutane is the best way forward for you. Ensure that the treatment is suitable for you before starting the course this will help prevent possible severe side effects. Roaccutane is a common treatment and is usually prescribed to candidates who experience zero to mild side effects, however, precaution is always key when seeking suitable treatments for acne.

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