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Breast Enhancing Surgery


Breast enlargement is a procedure involving a prosthesis or implant inserted into the breast to improve size and shape. Commonly known as the ‘boob job’, many women undergo breast enhancement surgery in order to feel happier and more confident about their breasts.

If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, it is important to find an experienced surgeon that you trust, and who will take the time to find out exactly what you want. There are many variables to consider, and you need to discuss your options and desired results to make sure that your breast enhancement procedure is entirely successful; otherwise you could end up having the procedure twice.

Choosing the correct size implant is essential. Discuss the size options with your surgeon, bearing in mind that implants look completely different on one person to another. It is critical that you are completely confident following your consultation and feel that your surgeon understands exactly what size implant you want.

The shape of your implants also needs to be discussed. If you want a subtle enlargement that gives your breasts a natural appearance, the surgeon should design your implants to give your upper breast a straight or slightly concave shape – such as you would find in a young, non-augmented breast. A slightly rounded upper breast will make your breasts look fuller, without being too dramatic. Otherwise you can opt for a round upper breast that will make your breasts look large and full without the need for a bra.

Other important factors to discuss when considering breast enlargement are the profile appearance, implant placement, incision, location, asymmetry, type of implant, excess fat near the arms, tuberous breasts and breast sag.

At botonics we make it our priority to ensure that you are completely happy with your breast enhancement surgery, and that we have all the information we need before the procedure.

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