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Bye-Bye Painful Liposuction


Whoever said beauty is pain had almost definitely undergone liposuction. With hardly any exceptions, every woman wishes that her problem areas did not exist. Whole outfits which are gorgeous can be discarded because of self-consciousness about a body part which is still a little wobblier than desirable. Bingo wings, love handles, double chins, some areas just never seem to retreat even with strict, healthy diet and exercise regimes. Many women live with their perceived imperfections however, covering their bodies up thinking of lipo as expensive, painful, and scarring. Enter vaser, an ultrasound solution to tackling those fatty deposits fearlessly, once and for all.

The procedure has a great number of benefits over lipo. It is repeatable, cheaper and less time consuming. As well as less time spent performing the procedure – which takes one to three hours to complete – it puts patients out of commission for between one and three days, a stark difference to the three to four weeks that can be expected with liposuction. As well as saving time in this way, the procedure is also performed using local anaesthetic as opposed to general anaesthetic. This, combined with the minimal blood loss, means that an overnight stay is not necessary. Due to the precise nature of ultrasound, damage to unintended areas is kept incredibly low, meaning that a dramatic reduction in bruising, swelling, and eventually scarring, can be seen in comparison to traditional lipo.

Larger areas can be treated, such as the upper and lower abdomen and the inner and outer thighs, areas which often cause women to avoid bikinis and swimsuits in the summertime. However, after vaser treatment, from botonics at their Harley Street clinic in London, customers’ confidence in their own beauty can be quickly restored, giving them back the brave confidence that they once had, and missed sorely.

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