Liposuction – The Options

by Naruschka Henriques

Liposuction has undergone huge developments since its invention in 1974. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove unwanted areas of fat from the body, and today there are treatments that can quickly and effectively perform liposuction without a full surgical procedure.

Liposuction surgery has certain requirements in order to be safe and successful. The surgeon should remove only the right amount of fat, as large levels of fat removal can be dangerous. The surgeon should also aim to cause minimal damage to the neighbouring tissues and the patient’s fluids, as this will make the recovery time longer and more painful. If liposuction surgery is carried out by a qualified, experienced surgeon, then the procedure should run smoothly.

However there are now two forms of liposuction that remove fat without surgery. These are Smart Lipo and Vaser Lipo Liposuction. Smart Lipo can treat almost any area of the body, and is commonly used by men and women to improve shape around the abdomen, thighs, back, chest, arms and neck. Vaser Lipo Liposuction can also be applied here, and due to the gentle and precise nature of the procedure is particularly good for treating delicate areas.

Smart Lipo is administered with the injection of a small cannula containing a fibre optic cable, which melts the fat cells. Vaser is similar, again involving an injection but using high frequency probes that gently emulsify the fat deposits.

These revolutionary lipo procedures have a number of advantages. Because of their delicate nature, they cause minimal damage to the neighbouring tissues and body fluids. As a result there will be very little bruising and a much shorter recovery period than you would expect after traditional liposuction surgery. Smart Lipo and Vaser are also performed under local anaesthetic, so no overnight stay is required.

At botonics you can be sure of a safe procedure and satisfactory result from our qualified physicians.

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