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Macrolane Breast And Body Treatment


Cosmetic surgery is advancing continuously and today there is a wealth of various treatments and procedures that can help you to create the body you desire. Furthermore many treatments are now available without the need for surgery or general anaesthetic, meaning you can make changes to your appearance without long term recovery periods and extensive pain and bruising.

Macrolane is a treatment that has been developed to improve body shaping. Macrolane involves an injection to regions such as the breasts, calves, buttocks, or uneven areas in order to even out or enhance that particular part of the body.

The body contains a substance by which it lubricates your joints and evens out your skin tone. Macrolane is a man-made gel that has the identical effect, and thus enhances the treatment area to make it appear fuller or simply improve the shape. The treatment takes about 30-45 minutes, yet the results can last up to a year, after which the biodegradable gel will have broken down.

The results of Macrolane are instant and the side effects are minimal in comparison to other treatments. You will be able to return to work immediately and the only real areas to avoid are massage or extreme temperatures for a short period of time.

Many women are using Macrolane treatment for breast enhancement, as a quick and simple method to enhance the appearance of breasts without undergoing breast enlargement surgery. Liposuction patients may also use the procedure to correct asymmetries or scarring following surgical treatment.

Other common uses for Macrolane are for the enhancement of the buttocks and hips for a smoother curve, or even the calves to improve the tone and shape.

At botonics our surgeons can provide fast and simple Macrolane treatment to your desired area, with a full free cosmetic surgery consultation beforehand.

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