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Mole Removal


With the growth of skin cancer in recent years, more and more people are turning to mole removal operations to safeguard against the possible effects of the sun. Many people also choose mole removal for cosmetic reasons, and the simplicity of the operation makes it accessible to all.

Moles are dark spots that appear on the skin, often from birth although sometimes developing later on. They can be found anywhere around the body, and are often regarded as ‘beauty spots’ when found on the face. Large moles however, besides being a potential health risk, can be unappealing and cause irritation when rubbed against clothes or during shaving.

Mole removal is one of the simplest procedures in cosmetic surgery. The mole can be removed under local anaesthetic, meaning the patient will require no hospital stay and very little – if any – recuperation time. The most you are likely to experience is a possible scab following the removal and some potential redness, which could last up to four weeks at the most. The procedure itself usually takes no longer than twenty minutes.

You should have a full consultation with your physician prior to the procedure to determine which mole or moles you would like removed. Here they will be able to inform you of all the benefits and risks of the surgery, although the risks are in fact extremely minimal. During the actual treatment the physician will cut away the mole and some of the surrounding skin. The area will then be stitched accordingly depending on the size of the excision.

As with all cosmetic surgery, you should be absolutely certain of your decision before you go ahead with the procedure, and if you have any questions be sure to ask your doctor or surgeon so that you are fully away of the facts.

At botonics our expert surgeons can provide quick and effective mole removal with a full, free cosmetic surgery consultation beforehand.

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