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Quick Results From Anti-Ageing Treatments

Due to fast-paced modern life, getting things done quickly whilst achieving noticeable results in is a main priority for everyone – from the business CEO to the stay-at-home Mum. This need for practicality needs to be taken on-board by companies if they wish to stay ahead of their game and provide their clients with the most efficient service possible.

Leading cosmetic surgery clinic botonics are specialist providers of a range of surgical and non-invasive anti-ageing procedures, and have taken this demand for efficiency on board to offer their clients a multitude of anti-ageing procedures that promise quick, noticeable results.

One of the most prevalent problems for the ageing population is the loss of fullness in the cheeks. This ‘jowling’ effect can put years on someone’s appearance, which is why botonics offer clients a cheek enhancement treatment that is quick, effective and provides minimal discomfort to the patient.

A procedure that can be completed in as little as an hour, a cheek enhancement from a botonics doctor involves the injection of a dermal filler into the cheek, which will restore the buccal fat pad over this area. This procedure will have a lifting effect that will instantly reduce the ‘jowling’ along the jaw line, and this subtle change is guaranteed to look natural-yet-noticeable.

Dermal fillers can also be used to diminish facial wrinkles. botonics’ dermal filler treatments offer the patient minimal downtime, and only a day or two at the most of mild redness or swelling.

Instantly effective for providing someone with a fresher overall look, these injections have an extremely high safety record and are typically used to treat a wide range of areas such as the lips and around the mouth, the space between the eyebrows and the nose-to-mouth lines.

botonics’ experienced, qualified doctors specialise in performing a range of these effective procedures within a time-frame of only a few hours; offering convenience and visible results at exceptional prices. With their Harley Street Clinic situated in London’s private medical district, botonics have gained a reputable name trusted by a host of clients.

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