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Avoid the Embarrassment of Excessive Sweating


Excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis, is a common condition that affects far more people than you might imagine. Suffering from excessively sweaty feet, armpits or hands are things that a large proportion of the population has to put up with and regular deodorants are not always enough to combat this embarrassing and uncomfortable issue. Luckily there is a quick and simple way to rectify it, namely botox.

Far too few people are aware of this treatment when in fact it could provide an instant solution to their needs. An injection of botox can quickly and effectively block the action of sweat glands to ensure sufferers are dry and comfortable no matter what situation they are in, resulting in a better quality of life with no need to worry about sweat interfering with their day. And, with each treatment lasting up to 8 months at a time, it offers a lasting solution to the problem. Patients are often able to have one treatment in the spring to last them through the summer months and beyond.

There’s more to botox than meets the eye, and a quick and simple injection could be all you need to combat the problem of hyperhidrosis. This non-invasive form of cosmetic surgery can dramatically improve the lives of sufferers, and here at botonics we’re pleased to offer clients this treatment option. It’s quick and simple to administer yet can have lasting results, so don’t suffer from the embarrassment of excessive sweating – get in touch to see how we can help.

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