Effective hyperhidrosis treatments

by Naruschka Henriques

If you sweat too much, you may be embarrassed about the problem. After all, large wet patches under your arms and elsewhere can look unsightly, and affect your self-confidence. This may well feel unfair and like your body is letting you down. If this sounds familiar, then it is likely that you suffer from the condition known as hyperhidrosis. It is believed that around 3% of the world’s population suffer from hyperhidrosis. Many people may feel too embarrassed to seek medical advice, or may feel that they are alone.

In the past, you might have unsuccessfully tried to combat the problem using special deodorants, cooler clothing and making sure you don’t exert yourself. You may even have adapted your lifestyle so that you avoid situations in which you think you are likely to sweat. Such actions can have a detrimental impact on your social life and on your career.

If you haven’t tried hyperhidrosis treatment, then you have not exhausted all the options open to you. This technique, which we offer here at botonics along with a range of other cosmetic surgery options, blocks the action of sweat glands, ensuring you stay dry. It is a simple procedure which involves injecting Botox to the affected areas. It is simple to administer and has proven effective.

By taking advantage of such treatments, you may be able to completely change your life. If this appeals to you, you should have a look at our website and see if we can help you. We also offer treatments such as dermal fillers.

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