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The Advantages of Going for Non-Permanent Surgical Treatments


Cosmetic surgery has changed enormously in recent years. It’s now no longer seen as a permanent last resort, but has shifted focus to being more acceptable for people simply wanting a pick-me-up. One of the biggest changes has been in the advancement of non-permanent treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, and there are a number of reasons for giving them a go.

The first is that, as the name suggests, they’re not permanent. This can be more encouraging to people who may be new to the concept of cosmetic surgery and perhaps slightly apprehensive about giving it a go – because they know that it won’t last forever, they’re more likely to try it without having to worry about any long-term changes.

It’s also preferable because it looks a lot more natural. Of course, getting too much Botox can lead to a frozen expression, but getting the right amount simply leaves a natural and more youthful appearance, and a quick touch-up every now and again should be all that’s required.

You also need to remember that your face constantly changes, not only year on year but even day by day. Getting a permanent or semi-permanent wrinkle filling solution may look great now, but in a few months’ time it could look incredibly unnatural. By opting for non-permanent procedures, you have the option to tweak the results every few months, targeting your specific needs at the time of treatment.

As you can see, non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments could well be all that’s necessary to give you that little lift that you need. If you think they could be for you, come and chat to us here at botonics and see how you can benefit.

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