Benefits of breast enlargement

by Naruschka Henriques

For some ladies, small breasts can severely affect their confidence and sense of personal attraction and self-worth.  For such clients, breast enlargement can help their confidence no end and improve their psychological wellbeing. Any type of cosmetic surgery should always be considered carefully and at botonics we always advise clients as such.  However, if breast enhancement can help a client to feel confident, improve self-image and combat depression, we feel it is often a positive choice.  Breast augmentation is also known as mammoplasty, and is a common cosmetic surgery procedure.

Genetic issues, age, pregnancy and lifestyle can alter the shape of breasts and women often approach us because they would like their breasts to look firmer and more upright. During breast augmentation, a breast implant is carefully placed inside a pocket which our surgeon creates in the breast tissue. This implant can increase the size of the breast, alter the shape or restore the size or shape of the breast if it has been partially or completely removed due to surgery. In some instances, breasts may require a breast lift, which can be performed in conjunction with augmentation.

We are breast surgery specialists here at botonics and our pre-care and after care are absolutely second-to-none. We ensure that our Harley Street surgery always operates to the highest international standards.  Provided that you are fit and healthy, a breast lift or enlargement can help you have the breasts you want, which can greatly enhance confidence.  For details on prices and financing plans, please contact us today.

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