Breast Enlargement Services

by Naruschka Henriques

There is much more to a surgical breast enhancement than a simple increase in size. The new shape and profile of the breasts is also an important consideration. At botonics we will work with you before the surgery to ensure that both you and our surgeons have the clearest possible idea of your ideal breast shape and size. Breast enlargement generally has very predictable results, so you can make some very precise choices about what you want before undergoing the procedure.

Breast augmentation can result in very natural looking breasts of a slightly different size or shape, or a quite striking rounded effect. The choice is entirely up to you, and we will help you visualise different sizes and options to assist in making the decision. We’ll also discuss incision options with you. There are a number of different sites that can be used, resulting in lesser or greater levels of scarring. Which one is most appropriate will depend on your existing breast and nipple size and shape and the desired results.

There are also breast enhancement options apart from implants. Many more mature women feel that their breasts sag and drop over time, and that can be cause for a breast lift procedure if it bothers you. It can be combined with a breast augmentation or done as a separate procedure.

Some clients will also want to reduce body fat around the breast area, which will have a significant impact on the look resulting from the surgery. This usually means an added liposuction treatment or treatments.

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