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Breast Enlargement

Choosing the Right Size Of Breast Enlargement


It’s a woman’s prerogative to look great, and therefore at botonics we are proud to offer a variety of enhancement procedures: from teeth whitening to breast enlargement. In terms of breast enlargement, we are aware that the client knows their body best and that is why we will ask you to communicate all of your wants concerns well before procedure. One of the first areas, you will probably be considering is – what size implant should I go for?

At botonics, choosing the correct size breast implants is a pivotal part of our breast enlargement consultations, and it is often the case that a client will not have a clear idea of the exact size that they are looking for. To confound the issue, cup size often varies significantly depending on brands, which means that choosing the right size isn’t as simple as picking a picture from a catalogue.

Everybody is individual, so even if you do have an ideal implant and implant size in your mind prior to consultation, you may discover that it does not complement your specific body type – of course any final decision will always essentially be yours – but if an implant does not suit your body type, our surgeons will advise you differently, and will draw upon their wealth of experience and expertise in this type of cosmetic surgery.

Having the wrong size implant is a common reason for breast enlargement surgery having to be revised, and therefore it is crucial that due care and attention is given to the choosing size well before surgery – this will never be decision you’ll have to bear on your own, however, and at botonics we’re always happy to advise! We want your breast augmentation to go without a hitch.

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