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Breast Enlargement

The Celebrity World of Breast Enlargements


Celebrities are constantly in the news for having this or that tucked, added or taken away and it can sometimes be painfully obvious that their surgery hasn’t yielded the results that they intended to achieve. However, whilst it is obvious that they’ve gone under the knife in some cases, e.g. Katie Price (Jordan), it may surprise you to know that a few more ‘natural’ looking celebrities have had ‘boob jobs’. Thus, here’s a list of obvious celebrity breast implants and their sizes and the ones you maybe didn’t know about:

Christina Aguilera – originally a natural A cup, Christina Aguilera is now the proud owner of a modest C cup.

Katie Price – originally, Katie’s natural cup size was a B but several breast enlargement procedures and reductions later, she had fluctuated all the way up to an F and is now at a D cup.

Danni Minogue – openly admitted to having had a breast enlargement in order to achieve her desired cup size. Having had larger breasts as a younger woman, weight-loss reduced her breast size, inducing her wish to regain them.

Sharon Osbourne – alongside other cosmetic surgery procedures, Sharon Osbourne has increased her breast size to a DD.

Pamela Anderson – also famous for her numerous breast enlargements, she has had varied breast sizes but is now a DD cup size.

Whilst there are breast implants of varied sizes in the celebrity world, every personal opinion is different – as is each surgery. At botonics we understand the difficult process in deciding exactly what cup size is right for you, which is why we pride ourselves on a consultation involving the sample of various bras to see which implant would suit you.

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