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Breast Enlargement

Thinking about having a Breast enlargement?


Women’s breasts are different shapes and sizes, depending on many factors. For most, they may be happy with their shape and love the size of their breasts. Yet for some, small breasts may make them feel less attractive. However, there are many other reasons why women consider having their breast size increased or undergoing mammoplasty surgery.

If you have recently had a baby and your breasts have become smaller, you may consider having this cosmetic surgery procedure. Also, if you have lost a lot of weight or are just starting to see some signs of age which are causing some distress, you may find your breasts have become saggy. A mammoplasty will also be able to correct this by making your breasts look more pert, with a fuller shape.

So what exactly is involved in the procedure? The size of the breast is increased by having a saline or silicone implant inserted into a pocket of the breast. The surgeon will make an incision along the areola, through the underarm area or from under the breast. There is also an option of making an incision through the natural creases of the navel. The type of incision will depend on the type of implant and procedure you are having. Unless the woman has had her mammary glands removed, the implant will be placed behind the breast tissue. This means that if the woman then wants to have a baby, she will still be able to breast feed.

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