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Breast Enlargement

Types Of Breast Implant


There are two types of breast implant available in the UK at this time for cosmetic surgery, silicone and saline filled. Other types are available elsewhere, filled with substances like Soya bean oil and “hydrogel”, but medical authorities question the safety of these types (particularly the Soya oil filled ones) and their use is not good practice.

Silicone and saline filled implants are both excellent choices that can provide quality breast enlargement results. Which one to use depends on the kind of result you want, and our doctors will fully discuss the pros and cons with you before any procedure takes place.

It is also possible to use a woman’s own tissue in a breast implant, but this procedure is generally restricted to reconstructive cosmetic surgery after breast cancer treatment. The potential for both complications and scarring is greater.

One of the main differences between silicone and saline breast enhancement implants is the feel rather than the look. Silicone is firmer and feels more like natural tissue, so it will be harder to tell if you have an implant by handling the breasts.  A silicone implant is also less likely to the develop wrinkles or ripples over time than its saline counterpart. However, saline does have the advantage that it can be simply and safely re-absorbed by the body if a rupture should occur, while this isn’t the case with silicone.

Shape and profile of the breast implants from the breast augmentation you choose will have a greater impact on the results than the type of fill, and again, we’ll give you all possible information to help you make the best choice.

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