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Breast Enlargement

What Happens If Breast Implants Rupture?


The most obvious cause of a ruptured or leaking breast implant after breast augmentation surgery is some kind of trauma, usually resulting from an event like a car accident or a serious fall. Damage to the breast implants can also be caused by over or underfilling it in the first place – a strong reason to choose a reputable and experienced cosmetic surgery provider. At botonics we understand the various causes of implant leakage and rupture and know how to minimise any risk of it happening to you.

If your implants are saline filled, a rupture will be noticeable straight away. Like a broken bottle of water, most of the fluid will drain away quite quickly and the affected breast or breasts will look different very quickly. However, saline can be safely re-absorbed by your body, so the health risks are minimal. You will need to see a doctor as quickly as possible and arrange for a second breast enhancement surgery procedure. The old implants will need to be removed.

Silicone breast implants are filled with a thicker substance. It won’t drain away so fast, and slow leaks may develop over time. It can be quite difficult to tell if a breast enlargement silicone implant has ruptured. If your breast changes shape and feel, that may be a sign of that the implant has been compromised and you should see a doctor. A silicone rupture is not generally dangerous to the body, though.  Newer silicone implants hold together better, reducing the chance of leakage or of any change in shape. Like a jelly the material inside doesn’t spill in a liquid way.

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