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Breast Enlargement

What Will A Breast Enlargement Procedure Involve?


Breast enlargement has become a form of cosmetic surgery that everyone is aware of, and at botonics we are pleased to offer it along side other treatments, such as breast reduction; but what exactly will a breast enlargement procedure consist of?

Any surgery represents a serious commitment, and breast enhancement is no different; there are, therefore, a wide variety of considerations before, during and after surgery that you and your surgeon must consider together, however as a very rough idea an enlargement surgery will usually consist of the following procedure:

An enhancement procedure will have three main focus points: the incision, type of implant and the position of the breast implant. In terms of the incision there are a variety of possibly options available for the surgeon, for example the “periareolar” which is performed along the areolar border.

Prior to the breast enlargement surgery, important consideration should also be give to the type of implant, i.e. silicon versus saline. At botonics we leave this decision up to you, but we will give you the specific characteristics regarding both types, e.g. silicone has a more natural feel than saline; whatever you choose, however, you can be assured of only the highest quality implants.

The actual placement of the implants is the final step, and this should be thoroughly decided between you and the surgeon prior to the procedure, some examples of possible implant positions include: subglandular – between the breast and pectoralis muscle; and submuscular – placed below the pectoralis muscle.

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