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Anti-Ageing Facial Procedures Become More Popular


Our body goes through many changes as we get older. One of these is that the skin loses its elasticity, collagen and fat, which can change the appearance of your face, leaving you looking drawn and older than you actually are. Anti-ageing cosmetic procedures have risen significantly over the last year, according to the most recent statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), with facial rejuvenation treatments having the highest increase.

The face, perhaps more than any other part of the body, is an important tool in many aspects of our lives. It reveals our emotions, it communicates almost as much as our words do, and it provides an instant first impression for those we converse with. As our world becomes more competitive, more and more people are striving to look younger, or perhaps even just to look the age they are. Stress, a poor diet, and the effects of tobacco and alcohol are just a few reasons why you might end up looking much older than your age.

One of the areas of cosmetic surgery that has seen the biggest increase over the last decade is non-surgical procedures, particularly those for the face. These include anti wrinkle injections and cheek enhancement, both of which help to restore a more youthful appearance to the face. Cheek enhancements are desired because the cheeks tend to lose their fullness as we age, leaving hollowed-out cheeks and sagging skin.

When carried out by reputable and experienced surgeons and specialists, such as our team of plastic surgeons London at our prestigious Harley Street clinic, a cosmetic procedure such as a cheek enhancement will simply give a natural younger look, which is what most clients are striving for. The great news is that a cheek enhancement is also usually longer lasting than other facial treatments because the area moves less, so the product used in the treatment doesn’t break down. For example, we would expect a Restylane Sub-Q cheek enhancement to last between six to nine months (or even longer), although this will depend on your metabolism. Your metabolism will affect how quickly the product is naturally broken down and eliminated by the body.

A cheek enhancement is a simple procedure which takes around 15-20 minutes and which causes minimal discomfort, although you should expect to be at our clinic for around an hour, so that there is plenty of time for the topical anaesthetic to take effect, as this usually takes around 30 minutes. What’s more, we also usually use a dermal filler containing an anaesthetic because this reduces any discomfort experienced even further. We recommend the Restylane Sub-Q filler because it is the longest lasting, although all of our fillers are brand name and gold standard, and all are approved for use in the UK.

If you are considering having non-surgical cosmetic procedures so as to look a bit younger, then you can book a free consultation with one of our specialists through our website. Following your consultation, there is no obligation to go ahead with the procedure, but should you decide to do so, we can normally carry out your cheek enhancement the same day.

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