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2009 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery


Despite the recession, the cosmetic surgery industry has continued to see an influx in the number of non-surgical and surgical procedures across the UK. Each year the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) release their annual statistics on the number of cosmetic surgeries performed throughout Britain; and last year alone saw a total of 36,482 procedures performed. However, this association includes only one in three plastic surgeons, so the number of procedures could be almost tripled to get a more accurate figure.

Within the association it was recorded that total procedures for both men and women had grown by nearly 7% from 2008, with a significant rise in the number of women (5% increase) and men (21% increase) undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Procedures going up in popularity appear to be most significantly; brow lifts, rhinoplasty (nose) and breast reductions. The total number of people receiving brow lifts lifted to a whopping 50% increase in the year 2008. Rhinoplasty operations were increased by over 25%, and breast reductions were increased by 22%. Other cosmetic surgery procedures that saw increases by just less than 10% were liposuction, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and ear corrections (otoplasty).

These statistics give a clear indication of the popular demand of cosmetic surgery in such a vast amount of areas; and not always the areas one would presume. For example, breast enhancement procedures are one of the most commonly talked about cosmetic procedures, but these were only increased by 1% last year. This could be largely down to the amount of availability and social awareness of all the other operations that have seen such an influx, e.g. brow lifts and so on. Feel free to contact us at botonics to discuss any of our available treatments; we’re here to help you look just the way you want to.

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