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Are you sick of feeling self-conscious on holiday?


Most people look forward to the time of year when they get to dust off their passports, pack their suitcases and head off to sunny places for a well-earned break.

However, you may be among the many men and women who dread one aspect of such holidays: the swimwear reveal.

Taking the rays and enjoying the surf is one thing, but the experience can be tainted by the feelings of inadequacy that sweep over you as yet another bronzed and perfectly formed body passes you by.

And trying to get a tan through long sleeves and a sarong that virtually touches the ground is quite a difficult skill to master.

But, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it doesn’t have to be like this.

You may want to consider getting cosmetic surgery to improve those areas of your body you are unsatisfied with.

For example, having tummy tuck surgery means you may never have to be ashamed of your midriff again.

Meanwhile, if you think you need to, why not opt for breast implants?

Then, rather than cowering under a towel next time you’re abroad, maybe you’ll be one of those confident individuals strutting along the shoreline.

It’s certainly worth investigating the options as this improved self-esteem could make a real difference to your holiday adventures, and may change your approach to them altogether.

In future, it may be the case that all you’d have to worry about is whether you’d remembered to pack your swimwear, sunscreen and shades. Now, wouldn’t that make a refreshing change?

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