Beautiful botonics

by Naruschka Henriques

At botonics, we realise that some people feel their self-confidence varies every day, particularly regarding body image. It is a fact in some areas of modern society that people are judged, upon a first impression, according to their physical appearance. Whilst we never advise any client to consider cosmetic surgery procedures lightly, we understand that they can be beneficial if they help clients to become more confident and avoid serious problems associated with negative self-image and depression.

Even relatively minor procedures such as anti wrinkle injections can often offer clients a new lease of life and endow them with the confidence which they require to go out and face the world with positivity and determination. We can also provide professional advice on procedures such as liposuction, which can rid the body of unwanted excess fat and result in a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Using the most appropriate and effective vaser lipo or tumescent techniques at our Harley Street treatment centre, we have helped many clients  lose unwanted pockets of fat from areas such as the bottom and stomach.

Some clients have lost a significant amount of weight already due to a regime of diet and exercise and there is truly no better combination for weight control. However, clients such as these often turn to liposuction to add the finishing touches to the most difficult places where fat gathers such as the stomach, thighs and bottom, which are the first places extra weight gathers and the last places it disperses.

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