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Breast Reduction Surgery: The Evidence


A study in an issue of a specialist journal this summer has revealed that breast reduction can result in measurable improvements in various aspects of health and quality of life.

The official medical publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reports on a survey looking at the physical and psychosocial health benefits of breast reduction procedures – one of the most often conducted procedures for plastic surgery on breasts.

The idea of the poll of 49 people undergoing breast reduction (78% of whom took part anonymously before and after surgery) was to obtain a complete picture of clinical outcome. Changes in patient-reported satisfaction and quality of life following the breast reduction were assessed.

The results showed considerable improvement in all four areas evaluated, including:
• Satisfaction with appearance of the breasts
• Psychosocial, physical and sexual well-being.

Satisfaction with how breasts looked rose from around 20% pre-procedure to over 80% afterwards. Similarly, scores for psychosocial well-being also rose, from 41% to 84%, and sexual well-being from 40% to 78%, physical well-being from 43% to 81%.

Previously studies have recorded that those who have undergone breast reduction surgery experienced relief in their neck, shoulders and backs as well as in the breasts themselves. This survey reported similar findings, and that, while lessening pain, breast reduction also significantly improved the ability to exercise and to sleep.

Another key finding is that these benefits are felt quite rapidly after surgery – sometimes as quickly as within six weeks. At the same time, even relatively small reductions are effective.

Further studies are planned.

Breast Reduction with botonics Plastic Surgery Group

If you’re looking for breast reduction in London in particular, it can be hard to know where to start. And if you’re wondering about breast reduction cost, UK providers all have different pricing structures.

At botonics Plastic Surgery Group, we’re different. We have some of the best consultants in the business, and a number of our clinics have a prestigious Harley Street, London, address.

Our no-hassle finance plans allow you to spread the cost of your procedure over several months, and we provide a discreet, personal service that respects your personal needs. Pricing is transparent and all-inclusive with no hidden extras.

We’re only too aware that the industry in the UK is under-regulated, and that it isn’t always easy to know where to place your trust. But the advice we offer is ethical and honest. And we genuinely believe that putting our clients first is the best approach ethically, for them and long-term for the business as a whole.

Having been established for the last eight years, we’ve enjoyed wide media coverage and have a growing number of word-of-mouth referrals from clients.

Finally, rather than having generalists, our approach has always been to use more staff but to have them as specialists in specific procedures, so that their skills are very well developed.

Whatever treatment you have, whether that’s breast reduction or anything else, you will see someone with a great depth of specialist knowledge.

Learn more from our website today.

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