Breast Reduction When Less Is More

by Naruschka Henriques

When people think about breast surgery, most tend to focus on the option of increasing their cup size. But, others desire the opposite. Breast reduction surgery is a way to reduce the fullness and volume of the breasts to make them much more manageable, because in some cases larger breasts are far from ideal.

Bigger breasts tend to be lusted after by women across the globe, but the reality of having them can sometimes be a completely different experience. If they’re too big they can become incredibly uncomfortable and can lead to huge amounts of pain, sometimes interfering with daily life to such an extent that cosmetic surgery is the only option. It could be that patients simply don’t like the look of them or they could be causing too much back pain to cope with, but whatever the reason it could be time to look into breast reduction surgery.

This form of surgery reduces the fullness of over-sized breasts by removing fat, skin and glandular tissue, re-shaping them to be smaller, lighter and often firmer as a result. They’ll have a perkiness to them that may not have been experienced before, resulting in shapely breasts that are much more in proportion with the rest of the body.

In some cases less really is more, and here at botonics we understand that fact. A breast reduction could be the only answer and we’ll work with you to achieve the shape and size that you want, ensuring that you’re much more comfortable and totally satisfied with the result. It can dramatically enhance your appearance and can be a great way to improve comfort and even your health, so come to us today and see what we can offer.

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