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Common problems that blepharoplasty surgery can solve


People often assume that plastic surgery is all about appearance, but there are plenty of practical reasons to consider blepharoplasty.

This particular operation involves removing excess skin from the eyelids and surrounding areas, and thanks to the various benefits it offers, popularity is at an all-time high. In fact, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), around 7,000 people have the operation every year, and the figure’s rising quickly.

Below are some of the main problems that this relatively short and simple procedure can solve.

Impaired vision

For some people, excess skin and fat levels around the eye become so significant that vision is eventually impaired. This has the potential to seriously impact daily life – making everything from supermarket shopping to driving difficult.

By making incisions into the natural folds leading outwards from the eye, though, surgeons are able to extract fat before tightening loose or sagging muscle tissue. Once the incision is sewn up, the eyelid becomes firmer and tighter, quickly improving sight. It can be a huge relief for anyone who has been struggling to see properly.

Eye fatigue and irritation

Those who have excess skin and fat around their eyes often complain about muscle fatigue, and this can take a number of forms. It may cause aching around that part of the face, for example, or it could make it more difficult for the person to keep their eyes open when tired.

Some people find that, with heavier eyelids, they tend to blink a lot more. This in itself can cause irritation and frustration, while also increasing the amount of fluid in and around the eye area. It could even go the other way; many of those who invest in blepharoplasty find their eyes aren’t as dry as they used to be.
Again, with the surplus fat and skin removed, and everything made firmer, these problems no longer exist. Patients also benefit from a fresher, more alert facial appearance.

Non-symmetry and puffiness

Let’s go back to aesthetic benefits for a moment or two. Eyelid problems don’t always develop equally across both eyes, which means you can be left with one side looking and feeling normal, while the other is drooped or damaged in some way. For those who have such problems, blepharoplasty is a great way to restore symmetry across the face and improve self-confidence.

Excess skin is also known to cause puffiness, which can make a person look older than they are. It can even make it more difficult – or even impossible – to apply make-up around that part of the face. This in turn affects confidence, and could potentially lead to deeper psychological problems.

Most of those who choose to have eyelid surgery find their problems are solved almost immediately. Many even notice other benefits they hadn’t considered before. All in all, the difference blepharoplasty can make to a person’s life is potentially huge, so it’s no wonder that more people than ever are booking consultations with specialist cosmetic surgeons.

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