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Cosmetic Surgery and its Celebrity Advocates


Cosmetic surgery has been embraced by the mainstream, with all kinds of celebrities enjoying the benefits of cosmetic procedures, not only for its aesthetic effects but for a whole host of reasons, including health – therefore if you do choose cosmetic surgery you can be certain that you’ll be in good company!

From glamour models to movie stars – cosmetic surgery has become a fabulous option for a variety of celebrities, Katie Price, for example, is perhaps one of surgeries biggest advocates, and would perhaps owe some of her success to certain breast augmentation procedures. Of course choosing surgery should always be a deeply personal decision and shouldn’t be governed by either financial or professional concerns, but at botonics we think that when high profile celebrities use surgery its proof that the procedures are both mainstream and effective.

Cosmetic surgery is also a viable option for the more mature lady, and someone such as Shoron Osbourne, who you mightn’t even be aware has had procedures, is actually one of its biggest advocates, clearly benefitting both in terms of her appearance but also in-terms her confidence and self-esteem.

Of course at botonics we would never suggest that such an important decision as cosmetic surgery should be based or influenced by the latest celebrity trends but we do think that the use of all kinds of procedure throughout modern culture is proof of the relative safety and effectiveness of the surgery – and will give you a little extra peace of mind should you opt for a procedure.

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