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Cosmetic Surgery For Ears


For most people, their ears are not something they generally worry about. But if your ears are noticeably different—larger, or especially when they stick out or protrude from the face rather than folding back against the scalp—you may want to have cosmetic surgery. While protruding ears don’t bother many people, some people find that it greatly affects their confidence levels and self esteem.

Ear surgery is a fairly simple procedure, and it can be done under local anaesthesia, and usually only takes one or two hours to perform.
At botonics, you will first have a consultation with your surgeon to discuss the procedure, and to find out if you are suitable for the operation, and to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. Your ears will also be examined during the consultation. The consultation is free of charge.

The procedure generally takes only hours to recover from rather than days, so there is little disruption to your life after you have had ear surgery. It is one of the fairly simple cosmetic surgery procedures, and although your ears may hurt a little for a few days afterwards, there are usually no other after-effects to deal with.

So, if you feel a lack of confidence or self-esteem because your ears protrude more than normal, you may want to consider the procedure. It is basically a permanent procedure and generally corrects the problem. And because the incision is made behind the ear in the natural crease of your skin, scar visibility is minimal. We also offer eye bag removal and other smaller corrective procedures.

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