Cosmetic Surgery Guide: Breast Augmentation

by Naruschka Henriques

Whatever the reasons, confidence is intrinsically linked to body-shape. Everybody has their hang-ups, but everybody has their favourite part of their own body too. The great thing about modern cosmetic medicine is its ability to easily fix life-dominating issues. People are all affected by body confidence in exactly that same way as celebrities; that little niggling voice that tells you your body part doesn’t conform to social norms, or simply to the demands of your life and work.

Breast augmentation surgeries (e.g. breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lifts etc.) are easier, safer and more affordable than ever before. Women (and men) whose confidence is affected by breast size or shape are in a fortunate position due to the commonality of the issue.


The physical appearance of your breasts affects the silhouette of the whole body. An increased, decreased or reshaped bust can alter your whole body image, perhaps setting it in line with what you consider to be the norm, or bringing it within the parameters that make your life and work easier.

Life is about confidence; confidence to live as fully as you feel truly capable of. And body shape issues can really hold you back unnecessarily. Typical breast augmentation patients report an increase in confidence pertaining to all aspects of life, from buying clothes to having their photograph taken.

There are numerous reasons to change your breasts, and our consultants are happy to talk them through with you to make sure cosmetic surgery is your best option.

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