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Cosmetic Surgery Guide: Going Abroad


Currently, the top cosmetic surgery plus vacation hot spots are located in the United Arab Emirates. And frankly, it sounds fantastic. Spend a few days relaxing in the sun, have your procedure, and pop home. There are of course advantages to travelling abroad for surgery. South Korea is currently trying to carve its name as the most popular destination for vacation surgery. This means the price is low and standard of surgery generally high. In fact, the desire for things like eyelid surgery amongst the Asian populous is so strong that some of the most prolific recent surgical discoveries have been made in Asia.
Financially, it only really makes sense to travel abroad specifically for surgery if the surgery is a particularly major one. Smaller surgeries (like dermal fillers or eye lift surgery) tend to be most easily carried out in the comfort of your own locale. The issues of travel and comfort are critical. It’s recommended that you don’t fly for at least forty-eight hours after surgery, and the flight home may be incredibly uncomfortable.
Another issue is travel insurance. Most travel insurance policies don’t include elective cosmetic surgery under Seeking Medical Treatment Abroad terms and conditions. Add-ons covering voluntary surgery are uncommon.
Aftercare for smaller cosmetic surgeries is usually minimal. Even the aftercare for our Smart Lipo tends to involve no more than over-the-counter medicines. Aftercare for larger cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, is highly recommended to be sought at the surgical facility in which you underwent the operation.

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