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Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Times


At botonics we endeavour to offer a variety of surgical procedures, to address a variety of concerns: from cosmetics to health. Each procedure, therefore, is markedly unique with its own specific recovery or “down” time – so, what kind of downtime can I expect from what procedures?

Fat Loss Procedures

Fat removal procedures can be relatively complicated processes, often involving large areas of the body, and therefore the levels of down time reflect this. Liposuction, for example, is an invasive procedure that will require around 3 – 4 weeks of downtime

Face Lifts

A face lift, like liposuction, is an invasive procedure and therefore you can expect a recovery time of about 3-4 weeks, however you can expect most of the facial stitching to have dissolved within 7 days, and most of the bruising to have faded into the second week.

Non-Invasive Procedures

At botonics we also offer a variety of non-invasive procedures, which will cause minimal bruising and scarring, and will allow for shorter downtimes:

Vaser Lipo Liposelection

Vaser is a fat removal procedure, which differs from liposuction in that it is not invasive; this means that its downtime is considerably shorter, at around 1 – 3 days, with minimal levels of bruising or scarring.

Teeth Whitening

If you want to reinvigorate your look, but don’t like the idea of any downtime (or you just don’t have the time for downtime!) then a simple procedure such as teeth whitening can give you great results – without the need for surgery!

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